Are your experiences of having M.E. in Somerset good or bad?


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This page will then give examples of people's experiences of having M.E. in Somerset (people's names will not be included on the website).  

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Has the new NICE ME/CFS Guideline improved the way that you are being treated by medical, social care, education, complementary and alternative professionals?

The guideline was published on 29/10/2021. It is available at:

Viral illnesses cause ME. Covid-19 causes 10-20% of people to develop Long Covid. About half of those with Long Covid develop a form of ME (see

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  • Research indicates that approximately 5% of people recover but it is not known why they do so.

  • Approximately 25% remain severe (see

  • 50% remain at approximately half of normal functioning.

  • Resting  during the first 5 years of the illness gives the best outcome (see reference 5a on 'Choose your poster' page) 

'Myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/chronic fatigue syndrome: diagnosis and management'

is the name of NICE Guideline 206.

The guideline says ME/CFS is a "fluctuating complex, chronic medical condition affecting multiple body systems" and that:

  • There is no cure for ME/CFS (see prognosis section above)

  • Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) or any variant of incremental increases in exercise are harmful to those who have ME/CFS. 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The guideline draws attention to the incorrect use of CBT in the past which has harmed people with ME/CFS (i.e. professionals have incorrectly claimed that it cures ME/CFS with its use based on the faulty and baseless assumption that people's  'abnormal' illness beliefs and behaviours as an underlying cause of their ME/CFS). NICE says that the use of CBT in ME/CFS is to support people to enable them to cope with having such a life-changing medical condition (see NICE Guideline 206, Box 5 on pages 39-40).

  • The Lightning Process (or variants of same) cannot be used with people who have ME/CFS as it is potentially harmful.


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